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Welcome to the IFA-VTD Tournament Page
From this page or from the “pop out” links you have four features

  • You may “VIEW TOURNAMENTS”. This feature lets you view all tournaments being held in the IFA-VTD program. In those tournaments you have the ability to filter / sort by age groups, state, date and tournament category.
  • “SIGN-UP” for a tournament allows:
    • Only IFA-VTD registered teams may sign-up for tournaments “within” their team account, so if you have not already registered with IFA-VTD your team needs to return to the main menu and choose “New” Registration and continue that process first.
    • If your team is already registered with IFA-VTD, this link will take you to your team “Member Login” for your team to enter the tournament of your choice within your team account.
  • “HOST A TOURNAMENT” is a link for a first time IFA-VTD host or tournament director……if you already have a tournament director account, please return to the main menu and click on “Member Login”to proceed and fill out the information about your tournament.
    • First time IFA-VTD events or to become and IFA-VTD tournament director, you must first fill out a “Tournament Host Form”, which includes a background check to receive the “enhanced” liability site insurance for this year. The next link will take you to that form for you to create your tournament director account. After you create your tournament director account, you will use the “Member Login” to enter your tournament host site to edit or add additional tournaments. (Remember, tournaments will be approved by an IFA-VTD official in order for them to appear on the website)

  • “Work-A-Tourney” is a term used in IFA-VTD referring to editing your tournament, approving teams in your tournament, simply working your pools / brackets for your event or adding the order of finish the day after your event. You will access the “Work-A-Tourney”site within your tournament director account.
    • If you are a first time tournament director with IFA-VTD then you need to fill out the “Tournament Host Form” found above and create your tournament director account.
    • If you are a returning IFA-VTD tournament director, you will need to go through “Member Login” on the home page and access your account to be able to edit your tournament.