Road to the World Series (How you Qualify)

Road To Texas World Series Rules outside the white lines


2/20/13 – This document will change and be added to as we get closer to nationals for the 2013 season. If you have suggestions or changes, please speak with your commissioner about how we can create a better program.

  • In this 4th year of the World Series we will Split the age groups up into two weekends. The 8u-14u will be in the Dallas/Fort Worth area from July 10th through July 14th. The 16u/18u will be the following weekend July 18th-21st.
  • The World Series is a qualified event for the 10u-14u age groups. (must have a berth)
  • The 8u, 16u and 18u will be a open event this year.

1. Five Berth Methods

a. Qualifiers. Most of the berths will be awarded through qualifiers that are being held in multiple locations. These qualifiers have the number of berths identified on the page and vary based on the size of the event and the age division. (min 2 berth per event)

b. Points Berths – The remaining slots will be offered to teams based on points. For the age divisions 10U, 12U, and 14U these berths will begin to be offered on Tuesday June 4th. (Points earned for a specific age division will not be counted when moving up in age for nationals during the same season. Points count for the age group you are playing in World Series and if you play in a older age group)

C. 75 points. When your team hits 75 points you automatically earn a berth.

D. State Commissioners (other then Texas) may give berths to teams. At least one per age group is guaranteed, however, each state may qualify teams based on their own criteria.

F. If you placed (1st-5th) in the past World Series you get a berth even if you have moved up in age. (your roster is locked and needs to be turned in on June 4th)

2. Qualification Issues

a. Teams will play in the State Tournament (Contact your State Commissioner for any questions)

b. Once a team has qualified and accepts a berth their roster will be locked. Players on the roster will NOT be able to pickup on other teams in Qualifiers or the World Series. If a team picks up a player on a team that has accepted a berth to the World Series plays in a Qualifier that team will be disqualified from that Tournament if a complaint is Filed with the local Rep. (10u-14u)

c. Up to 4 pick-up players will be allowed to be added to a team after their roster has been locked for the World Series. (no pick up form is necessary, just add to roster)

d. If a team declines the Berth all players are free agents to play for other teams.

e. If a Qualifier does not make those berths go to World Series Tournament Director to pass out.

f. If a player voluntary leaves a team after being on a roster of a team that accepts a berth to the World Series will NOT be eligible to play on another team during a Qualifier or the World Series.

g. If a team earns a berth from last year’s World Series or by points before June 4th. The players are locked two ways. A hard copy roster is send to IFA/VTD or they play there first Qualifier. They will be locked June 4th other wise.

3. Berths given out at Qualifiers

2 – 5 teams 1 berth

6-11 teams 2 berths

12-17 teams 3 berths

18 teams or more 4 berths.

b. Format of World Series

i. Purpose – The purpose of this format is to allow teams to know game times before arriving at the event and to give teams a better placement in the bracket because of points accrued during the season.

(New for 2013!!)

  • The event will be a five game guarantee consisting of three pool game that will seed you into one of several double elimination brackets. Winner of Each Bracket will meet on Sunday in a Single Elimination no time limit games. ‚ÄúFinal Four Sunday”
  • Pool games will be seeded based on team points and the pool games will seed the brackets. Therefore the first games will be set prior to the beginning of the event.