Mission Statement

IFA-VTD Mission Statement

The IFA-VTD organization will strive to provide the youth of today with opportunities through fastpitch softball, helping to expand their lives in the future. This will be accomplished by guiding the youth with the promotion of fair play, teamwork, healthy competition, sportsmanship, leadership and the respect of others. While accomplishing the above we will strive to strengthen the lives of those we serve. Fastpitch softball should be used as a positive reinforcement to encourage hard work, dedication and promote the pursuit of a quality education. This organization will strive to always do what is right for the teams, regardless of the pressures from those individuals that may want to gain political or monetary advantages. Our motto will be ‚Äúalways do what is right and be honest and fair to all”. What we have learned is growing this organization or any organization is about the relationships with our teams, league programs, and tournament directors with an eye towards quality, affordable invitational and championship tournament play for all. It is our goal that this philosophy reaches all teams under our watch.