Bulletin Board




Because there have been so many questions regarding the “new” bulletin board, via IFA-VTD, we offer the following helpful tips:

  • The IFA-VTD Bulletin Board, although offered through the www.fastpitchsoftball.net website is a complete separate entity from the website.
  • When you register your team and receive an email with your team User ID and Password, they are operational on the website to access team and tournament information only. The team/tournament User ID and Password are not to be used for the bulletin board access.
  • In order to access the Bulletin Board and be able to view and post your items, you must first “register” as a bulletin board member.
    • The “Register” button for the bulletin board is located at the top right hand side of the bulletin board page, directly under the search bar in the light blue colored bar. This is the same place you log in as a “Member” once you have registered and the same spot you “Log Out” of your account when you are finished.
    • Registration for the bulletin board takes you through a set of questions, in which you will set your own member name and password for bulletin board access.
  • Once you have registered and have access to the bulletin board, you may click on the different topics, called “forums” on the site. You can either view posts or you may want to post an item of your own.
  • How to post:
    • Click on the particular “forum” that you want your post to appear on the bulletin board. Please notice that some forums have many sub-categories, so continue to click until you reach the forum you want to access.
    • Once in the forum you want to post in, look above the forum name for “Post a New Topic” and click on it.
    • Your posting page will appear and you will give your post a “Title”.
    • In the body of your message you will notice a bar above it with many features to choose from such as:
      • “Bold Print” = B, “Italics Print” = I, “Underline” = U, Font Color, Size of Font, URL Links for those of you that know how to post a link and other options to choose from for your post.
      • Once you have the options you want to choose, you may begin typing your post. When you are finished, look at the bottom of the post so you can:
        • “Save a draft”: Come back and finish at a later date
        • “Preview”: Have the ability to see what your post will look like when posted on the bulletin board.
        • “Submit”: Will send your post to be approved by a moderator.
  • Once you have “submitted” your post to a moderator, it will be in the approval box for an IFA-VTD staff member to approve. This approval process will generally occur in the morning and in the evening. Please do not call for post approvals, as the process has been established and your post will be approved, “if applicable”. If you need something posted immediately and forgot to post it in time, you may, in fact, not have it approved in time to meet your deadline that day. Please plan your posts in a timely manner to meet your needs.