2018 Jr Nat Results

10U Order of Finish

10U Diamond Division

Diamond Champion Impact Gold Nationals 07 Smith
Diamond Runner-Up Next Generation 07
Tied 3rd TX Blaze Crabtree 07
Tied 3rd Impact Gold STX 07 Almaraz
Tied 5th NTX Vipers 07
Tied 5th Glory Adkins Gold 07
Tied 7th Texas Rage 07
Tied 7th 07 Texas Glory
Tied 9th Pro Form Fastpitch 10U Cantu
Tied 9th CTX Trouble Valdez
Tied 9th Texas Glory 2k7
Tied 9th Extra Innings 2k25
Tied 13th Texas Glory 2025
Tied 13th Texas Bombers CTX Johnson
Tied 13th Marruci Elite Garcia
Tied 13th Texas Tribe


 10U Gold Division

Gold 1st Place Texas Reign Red River
Gold 2nd Place Knockout Fastpitch 07
Tied 3rd Texas Blaze RGV
Tied 3rd Fort Worth Bat Busters Heffington
Tied 5th Extra Innings Easley
Tied 5th American Freedom Express CTX
Tied 5th Texas Glory Adkins Eldridge
Tied 5th Yeti Ramblers
Tied 9th Lady Trojans Softball
Tied 9th Texas Blaze NTX 10U
Tied 9th TGA 07
Tied 9th CTX Showtime Sims
Tied 9th STX Blast
Tied 9th Texas Glory 2027
Tied 9th Dallas Tigers East Kelly
Tied 9th Firecrackers WTX Fortner 2007
17th Victory NLSG


10U Silver Division

Silver 1st Place Frozen Ropes Stars Grady
Silver 2nd Place Texoma Fury
Tied 3rd Texas Glory 2526
Tied 3rd Oakhill Gold
Tied 5th 09 TX Glory FTW
Tied 5th Midlothian Storm Chasers
Tied 5th Texas Pride
Tied 5th DnD Dynasty
Tied 9th Bad Attitude
Tied 9th Texas Elite Bancroft
Tied 9th Ace of Diamonds 10U
Tied 9th 08 Texas Raiders
Tied 9th CGSA Tigers Cates
Tied 9th Lady Trojans 10/11
Tied 9th Dallas Tigers
Tied 9th Oakhill Gold


12U Order of Finish

12U Diamond Division

Diamond Champion Intensity South 05
Diamond Runner-Up ATX Twisters 05
Tie 3rd Impact Gold National Team 2024
Tie 3rd Texas Premier 06
Tie 5th Diamond Fury Elite Stamper
Tie 5th MVP Fastpitch
Tie 7th Texas Bombers 06 ETX
Tie 7th Centex Buzz Bartels
Tie 9th 2k6 Excel Elite
Tie 9th Centex Buzz Green
Tie 9th TX Blaze Fulgham 05
Tie 9th TX Bombers Gold Futures
Tie 13th Glory Adkins Cochran
Tie 13th 05 Texas Glory White
Tie 13th LBA Stars
Tie 13th Texas Glory 2024


 12U Gold Division

Gold 1st Place Texas Blaze Flores
Gold 2nd Place 2023 Texas Glory
Tie 3rd Team Mizuno Impulse 06
Tie 3rd GCB 12U
Tie 5th TGA 06 Gold
Tie 5th Centex Buzz 06
Tie 5th Dallas Tigers East 12u
Tie 5th CenTex Buzz Gomez
Tie 9th TX Premier 06 McDaniel
Tie 9th FW Batbusters Flores
Tie 9th TGA King
Tie 9th Valley Heat
Tie 9th Angels Elite Rhodes
Tie 9th Texas Drive
Tie 9th 06 TX Glory Clem
Tie 9th Texas Glory CTX
Tie 17th Centex Buzz 06
Tie 17th BSN Athletics 06
Tie 17th Lady Kats Fastpitch Randle
Tie 17th Impact Gold WTX Bennington


12U Silver Division

Silver 1st Place CTX Batbusters
Silver 2nd Place Oklahoma Exclusive 05
Tie 3rd Cen-Tex Curve
Tie 3rd Texas Glory 2k24
Tie 5th Lady Strikers
Tie 5th Valley View Lady Eagles
Tie 5th Vision – Nerio
Tie 5th Lady Storm
Tie 9th Swing Queens
Tie 9th American Freedom Express STX Mendoza
Tie 9th Granbury Krush
Tie 9th Swarm Softball
Tie 9th Titans Softball Bragg
Tie 9th Illusions Plocheck 06
Tie 9th TFS NTX
Tie 9th TGA Burkhart


14U Order of Finish
14U Diamond Division

#74 / #75 Diamond Champion Texas Challengers
#74 / #75 Diamond Runner-Up MVP Perez
L#72 3rd  Place Mizuno Elite
L#66 4th Place Sneaky Cleats Summer
L#59 Tied 5th RGV Heat
L#60 Tied 5th Texas Rage 03
L#53 Tied 7th Centex Bat Busters
L#54 Tied 7th Centex Buzz Guerrero

 14U Gold Division

1st Gold 1st Place Texas Apex
2nd Gold 2nd Place Canton Stingrays
L#67 Tie 3rd Centex Buzz DFW Cooper
L#68 Tie 3rd Lady Rangers 14U
L#55 Tie 5th Alton Swat
L#56 Tie 5th Texas Travelers NTX
L#57 Tie 5th Hondo Pride
L#58 Tie 5th Dallas Tigers East Smith
L#49 Tie 9th TFS NTX 14U
L#50 Tie 9th Showtime Fastpitch Drake

14U Silver Division

1st Silver 1st Place Thunder Softball
2nd Silver 2nd Place GRIT Fastpitch
L#69 Tie 3rd Lady Bandits FPC
L#70 Tie 3rd Texas Reign 14U
L#61 Tie 5th Showtime CTX Zapata
L#62 Tie 5th Titans
L#63 Tie 5th Impact Gold STX Jtrevino
L#64 Tie 5th TCA